The closest thing to surfing without getting wet!

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Slide Jamie O'Brien - Pro Model swelltech surfskate job pipe Pipeline Slide swelltech surfskate job tropic Jamie O'Brien - Pro Model Tropic Slide Banzai Jamie O'Brien - Pro Model swelltech surfskate banzai

Slide The Premiere Series swelltech surfskate premiere black "Blackout" Slide The Premiere Series swelltech surfskate premiere navy "Blue"

Slide Hybrid Series swelltech surfskate san o "San'O Slide swelltech surfskate hybrid camo Hybrid Series "Camo"

Slide Austin Keen - Pro Model swelltech surfskate Austin Keen Tube "Tube" Slide Swelltech surfskate Austin Keen Palms Austin Keen - Pro Model "Palms"

SwellTech Trucks: Surfcoach

Jamie O'Brien - Pro Model

SwellTech Trucks Explained

What makes the Swelltech Surfskate the best surf trainer/simulator around?

Full Free Motion trucks! Think about your surfboard, the front of the board has zero resistance on it and it can move in any direction you want it to, Swelltech trucks replicate this feeling where other surfskates can’t as they are restricted in their range of movement. We achieve this by the trucks rotating 360 degrees on the horizontal axis and 60 degrees on the vertical axis. The combination of the rear truck acting like your fins and the full free motion truck at the front, there is no closer feeling to surfing on land!

Use the 3D module to explore the truck in detail, press the blue circles to see it’s range of movement!