Pre orders

Thank you for your pre order, here you find all the updates On when you will receive your board.

9th April 21: Good news and bad news, bad news first, the Suez crisis has affected delivery and added delays but the good news is the ship went through the suez canal yesterday and is clear of the suez congestion and on its way to UK.

We had an email off the shipping company today (see below) with the expected arrival and “devan” dates. Devan is when the container is actually unloaded from the ship. Its due to arrive at Felixstowe in the UK on the 18th April and the container is due to be unloaded on the 22nd April. Its usually a week to clear customs and get delivered to our warehouse, so with that in mind we can now give “expected” delivery dates for batches, this could change by a day or two as it gets closer and we get an actual confirmed delivery date to our warehouse. But thought it would be great for you guys to have an idea of delivery times.

If the boards arrive at our warehouse on the 27th April, we can deliver the boards as follows to UK customers, European deliveries (ireland etc..) add 1 to 2 days. Please note this is provisional and we usually get an exact date they will arrive at the warehouse around 23rd April.

Batch 1 – 30th April

Batch 2 – 4th may (due to bank holiday)

Batch 3 – 5th May

Batch 4 – 6th May

Batch 5 – 7th May

Batch 6 – 10th May

Batch 7 – 11th May

Batch 8 – 12th May

Batch 9 – 13th May

Batch 10 – 14th May

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