Pre orders

Thank you for your pre order, here you find all the updates On when you will receive your board.

UPDATE: The shipment is due to arrive at Felixstowe on the 4th April, we expect around a week to clear customs and get delivered to us hopefully on 10th April, we will be able to get all boards packed and ready in “BATCH 1” to be dispatched on the 12th April for next day delivery on the 15th September.

“BATCH 2” Orders will be getting dispatched on 15th April For Delivery on the 16th April.

We usually get an update about a week before the ship is due in port, so about the 26th March with more accurate times, so please check back on the 26th March for any updates.


UPDATE: 4th April, The boat has landed and is due to go through customs early next week so everything is on track for the delivery to you on 15th April at the latest, maybe even sooner! We will email you the day before dispatch!