Pre orders

Thank you for your pre order, here you find all the updates On when you will receive your board for the September 2021 Shipment


Great News, delivery of stock to us is booked for Friday 29th OCT!!! Batches are updated below, these are “dispatch dates”. For UK mainland we send on a 24 hour service, offshore islands and Europe (EIRE etc..) will be 2 to 4 days delivery. You will be sent an email the day before delivery, tracking numbers are sent by Parcelforce the night the boards are dispatched usually around 8pm to 9pm.

Batch 1: 1st Nov

Batch 2: 2nd Nov

Batch 3: 3rd Nov

Batch 4: 4th Nov

Batch 5: 5th Nov

Batch 6: 8th Nov

Batch 7: 9th Nov

delivery advice


Just had an email from the shippers with a delay notification, our hearts sank when we saw it but good news is its only 2 days due to port congestion. It should be berthing on 21st Oct, the good news is that it’s at felixstowe now. Shouldn’t be long now! As soon as we get any further updates, we’ll let you know

delay notification


We have just had an email off the shipping company with an “arrival advice” (see screenshot below) It looks like it will arrive at Felixstowe 6 days later than planned on the 19th Oct. Usually we expect the boards to arrive with us 1 week later, but in these weird times of covid we would like to hold back updating the batch delivery dates until we get the customs notification when the container is opened and checked, then we know it will be on its way to us within a few days. Its quite probable you just need to add a week onto the batch dates below, but we won’t know for certain until it clears customs and we don’t want to get your hopes up (again) the moment we know anything more certain, we will update the batch delivery dates.


UPDATE: 15th September

Thank you for your Pre Order, expected Batch delivery dates are shown below. Firstly we would like to start off with an apology to everyone in batch 1,2, and 3 who where expecting their boards mid to late September. The Shipment was due to leave the factory Early August and arrive In the UK in the first week of September. The stock has been ready to go since early August in the factory. But there are severe problems booking space on a ship in China at the moment. We have the container crisis, which is a shortage of containers due to coronavirus affecting the return of containers. The back log form the Suez incident is still being felt. Also there are ports in china being shut down when a coronavirus outbreak happens. Our shipping agents have been working tirelessly trying to get us a boat. They have now succeeded and we have a ship booked, but its not all great news. A ship usually takes 23 days at sea from china to UK, the only ship we could get leaves on 9th September and arrives in Felixstowe on 13th Oct! This is due to stopping off at other ports on the way.

As a company operating with bringing in products from around the world for the past 8 years, we have never experienced this before and we feel terrible for our customers. Even during the height of covid and having a ship stuck behind the Suez incident we where only a week later than planned. The cost of this shipment is 3 times the normal amount we pay, but we as a company are going to take the hit.

Again we would like to apologise profusely, It’s not how we like to treat our customers. The new expected dates are below.

Updates will be posted here as they happen e.g when the ship is loaded, when the ship leaves port, when the ship arrives in the UK.

Batch 1 – 19th October

Batch 2 -20th October

Batch 3 – 21st October

Batch 4 – 22nd October

Batch 5 – 25th October

Batch 6 – TBA

Batch 7 – TBA

Batch 8 – TBA

Batch 9 – TBA

Batch 10 – TBA