Pre orders

Thank you for your pre order, here you find all the updates On when you will receive your board.

27th April 21: Due to the knock on effect of the Suez crisis, the shipment was delayed by a further 2 days being unloaded and clearing customs, we had confirmation today that it will be delivered with us Thursday 29th late afternoon. All things considered we think we got pretty lucky. The knock on effect will add 1 working day to the expected deliveries as we will be able to catch up over the bank holiday weekend, apart from batch 1 which will have to wait until 5th may, an extra 2 working days. We can’t apologise enough for this, as we know how excited you all must be, but it has been completely out of our control. New dates for delivery below…..

Batch 1 And 2 – 5th May

Batch 3 – 6th May

Batch 4 – 7th May

Batch 5 – 10th May

Batch 6 – 11th May

Batch 7 – 12th May

Batch 8 – 13th May

Batch 9 – 14th May

Batch 10 – 17th May

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